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At Shining Star Youth and Community Services, we give acknowledgment and solutions to address the issues of at-risk families and their children. We give commitment in our service to create doors of opportunities for them through our high quality education programs and family support services.

For our early education programs, head over to our Head Start Page.

The Pillars of our Service are centered around:

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Genuine Care

We believe that genuine care is what enables us to serve you fully. We find joy in caring for others and we understand that this is what you need – someone to look after you and your welfare.

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Compassionate Concern

We sympathize with your plight and we do our best to provide you with the full benefit of our programs and services.

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We respect anyone from all walks of life and we hold you to a high esteem, not because of what you’ve been through but because you are human and worth it.

Shining Star Youth and Community Services replicates love, care and concern a hundred fold more together with our volunteers, benefactors, beneficiaries and sponsors. We are actively looking for sponsors and volunteers. If you are interested, please head over to our Sponsors page and Volunteers page.

Shining Star Youth and Community Services offers the following programs:

For quick inquiries, please call 773-734-7827.