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Are you ready to be the father you never had?

The Shining Star Youth and Community Services Head Start Male Involvement/Fatherhood program was established for the purpose of encouraging fathers and significant male figures to become actively involved in the social and educational development of their children, and to be positive role models for them.

The mission of Shining Star Youth and Community Services Head Start Program Male Involvement/Fatherhood program is to provide opportunities for fathers and significant males to enhance their relationship with their children and families through interaction in Head Start activities, both within the center and off-site; assisting in the development of reading and literacy skills for kindergarten preparedness; and to serve as liaison in referring them to outside resources to assist them in achieving their personal and/or professional goals.

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SSYCS endeavors to accomplish this mission through:

Training and educating fathers, significant males, other family members, and agency staff in methods and techniques for interacting with children and improving parenting skills through community resource awareness, agency-sponsored workshops, etc.

Designing creative and effective incentive and reward systems to encourage hesitant fathers/males to become more involved in classroom activities and program governance (Participating on decision-making committees).

Conducting regularly scheduled Male Involvement meetings to solicit ideas and suggestions from program fathers/males to better enhance the Male Involvement/Fatherhood program; share pertinent information regarding agency policies and procedures; and to schedule future activities and events. Develop and maintain strategic alliances and partnerships with other community agencies and Fatherhood-related programs to assist in providing services to SSYCS children and families


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The purpose of Daddy Doctor is designed to help fathers learn basic health, identify and treat illness and prevent injury in their infant or toddler. Daddy Doctor also helps men realize the unique role they play in the lives of their children. Children need their fathers to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life. Research shows that father involvement is critical to a child’s health and development. When dads are involved, their child is much less likely to suffer from an injury and more likely to got to their regular checkups. The Daddy Doctor workshop is offered periodically throughout the school year. The workshop typically takes three sessions to complete. Group time usually runs two hours.


Daddy carrying his daughter smiling

The focus of Male Mentor Program at Shining Star Youth and Community Services Head Start Program is to increase male and family involvement through leadership training, parenting classes, literacy involvement and other activities men enjoy. Our Family Support Specialist will encourage fathers to be positive role models to other children in our program. Men will be selected to serve on our parent board and as mentors to young males enrolled in our Head Start Program.