Mission Statement:

The mission of Shining Star Youth & Community Services is to provide quality early learning experiences, health, education, and family support services to at-risk children and their families.

Our programs and services are designed to draw children and families closer to excellence, develop them into society's service, and encourage them to experience the freedom that comes with educational empowerment.

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Our Neighborhoods


South Chicago

Shining Star Child Development
Institute of the Arts
3010-3016 E. 92nd Street
Chicago, Il 60617
773-978-STAR (7827)
773-978-0709 (Fax)



Shining Star Early
Learning Academy
338 East 103rd Street
Chicago, Il 60628
773-995-STAR (7827)
773-995-8113 (Fax)


Chatham/Avalon Park

Shining Star Child Dev#2
854 E. 79th Street
Chicago, Il 60619
773-488-STAR (7827)
773-488-3139 (Fax)


East Side

Shining Star Child Dvelopment
10540-44 S. Ewing
Chicago, IL 60617
773-768-STAR (7827)
773-768-7832 (Fax)

Welcome To

Shining Star Youth and Community Services

Shining Star Youth & Community Services serves at-risk children and their families in Illinois. We have locations located in South Chicago, Roseland, Chatham/Avalon Park and the East Side community of Chicago. Shining Star Youth & Community Services was created to at-risk youth and their families to have access to life changing opportunities. Some of our services include early childhood education program and family support services.

We exist in order to give attention especially to children whose educational needs are over looked due to problems surrounding their family and community. These problems may be due to the economic stress, neglect, domestic violence, recent divorce, loss in the family and many others.

Our programs are aimed to help these families get the help that they need so they may break the stigma that comes with poor education. Shining Star Youth & Community Services takes this opportunity to help other people as a way of giving back to our beloved community and to feed our passion for helping people in need. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you are interested to help us through donations, please head over to our Donations page.

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